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We have partnered with esteemed brands like Amaron for a wide range of premium quality products at the best prices

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The battery stores electrical energy and supplies power to the vehicle electrical system. The battery is not only needed to start the engine but also supply power to a large number of different electrical consumers such as the ABS and ESP .


We provide batteries for cars, 2 wheelers, trucks, tractors and generators.

Why Amaron?

What sets our batteries apart from the others is the following factors - high cranking power, zero maintenance, high heat tolerance, vibration resistant, improved safety, long life, high reserved capacity and factory charged – ready to use.


We also ensure that the fitting process is as convenient as possible. We have mobile and garage options available. All the local garages and technicians that we work with have been fully vetted by us, ensuring that your unit will be fitted by an experienced technician.

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